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Gaming Consoles, what are they? Most people have a home computer, be it a laptop or a PC desktop, but becoming ever more popular is to own a gaming console.  This post will go through the leading gaming consoles, who produces them, and why you would purchase one. Right then, let’s get to it!


XboxPlaystationSwitch, which do you choose, or what even are they? Well, here is a brief guide to those all-important Video Game Consoles.

Video game consoles are devices that you can plug into your TV to play video games. A new video game console is released every year.

The oldest one, the NES, was created in the 1980s, and there are now at least seven different consoles on sale.

The Consoles




The Xbox One X is the most powerful console on the market today. Or you could try its nearest competitor is Sony’s PS5.

Another console is the Nintendo Switch, a handheld device with detachable controllers that let you play in front of your TV or on the go like a tablet computer. Nintendo Switch also has different coloured joysticks that snap in and out for various games.

A video game console is a type of computer designed or modified specifically to play games, especially high-end video games. The consoles have been around for more than 40 years, and there are three significant manufacturers – Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft.


In terms of cost, consoles can range from £250 to £600, depending on the model that you pick. As a general rule, the newest consoles will be more expensive because they usually have better graphics and more features compared with older models.

As for who can play different consoles – every console has its own set of specifications. You have to check to make sure it is compatible with your TV or other peripherals. Some may require a firmware update before it works, but this is usually very easy to install. A good internet connection is also a must for every gamer. Everyone can get involved in playing games though, that is the beauty of video games. They are for everyone!

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Happy gaming!