In today’s busy lives, it can often be hard to find the time to sit down and spend quality time with members of your family. Everybody is so busy doing their own thing or dashing from one place to the next, and it can even be trickier when children start to go off to University. But finding these moments is so vitally important in keeping bonds and relationships on track and healthy. Also, it can be challenging when you have age differences, sometimes different locations, and widely different interests. But families are essential to everyone, and keeping that family bond strong can mean so much and positively affect everybody involved.

Ways to maintain bonds

It’s not easy to juggle work and family life, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Finding common interests between different generations in families can work wonders when it comes to relationships.


If there is a sport you all love, you can share the latest updates and news, meet up and go to events, watch simultaneously on telly etc. Having a team you all support is also a great way of bringing people together. You can all get involved, maybe all get matching team merchandise or have a family supporters page. You could also organise family quizzes via Zoom to all get involved.


Sharing your favourite music with family members can also help to keep bonds. Streaming providers like Spotify can create family playlists that you can all listen to, participate in, and add your favourite tracks. Going to concerts together to watch your famous singer or band is also a great team-building event which everyone can enjoy. You could also hold virtual karaoke nights, getting every member of the family involved.


You can start playing video games or doing puzzles together. There are even online communities where you can join video game tournaments and talk about your favourite games – families need to share and play together. These things don’t have to be expensive either. Sites such as have hundreds of free online games which everyone in the family can enjoy. Arcade classics such as Neon Invaders, great sports games like Mini Golf Online and great puzzle games such as Colourush, where you could all solve the puzzles.


Having a mutual hobby is another excellent way of maintaining bonds in families. It often turns out that you can like similar things, and hobbies are a great way of sharing experiences, tips, etc. For example, arts and crafts, baking, photography are all hobbies shared between generations and distances.


It’s not always easy to find time for each other when you’re busy. But there are things you can do in the downtime that will allow you to connect with the essential people in your life.

The internet has made it easier than ever for all family members living in different locations to stay connected. However, sometimes it can be challenging for people to know where to begin, but finding that one common interest, in our families case video games, there are now so many ways that families can build their relationships with one another.