Do you have a gamer in the family?

The world of gamers is diverse. Individual tastes can make it hard to buy games for someone who already owns a console. However, there are some new gadgets that any gamer would enjoy.

Gift Ideas


One of the newest consoles on the market is the PS5. It has more power than its contemporaries and more storage space for downloading games, videos, music, etc. It has also been made with an eye on sustainability.

When buying a console-owning friend or family member a gift this Christmas, other things to consider are controllers or gaming chairs. These will make gaming experiences more enjoyable for any gamer, especially those who spend hours playing on their favourite consoles.  You could also purchase them a game pass/gift card, which they can then buy and download their favourite games or subscribe to Xbox, Nintendos or Sonys gaming services.  Digital download has the added benefit of being more environmentally beneficial, so a win-win all around.

Other consoles which will be popular this Christmas are the Xbox series S/X and the Nintendo Switch Oled, all of which would be gratefully received by any gamer. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to purchasing the latest games or consoles, you can get great deals at places like CEX on second-hand systems and games.  You can also trade in old games and systems and put that trade-in value towards your new purchase.  Trading in is excellent as it makes gaming more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We make recycling more straightforward and accessible for electrical items and games instead of ending up in landfills.  Other places do this as a kind of trade-ins, such as Game and other independent game shops, so shop around and see the latest deals/offers.  For PC gamers, you could consider purchasing a new monitor or memory upgrades for their computer. Even headsets would make an ideal present, which they are sure to love.

With gaming on our phones becoming ever increasingly popular, you can purchase gift cards that they can then load onto their account and use to buy games and in-app items.  A subscription to a gaming magazine is also an option that you could consider.

There are many options for the gamer on your gift list this Christmas.  Including all budgets, all you need to do now is decide what to buy!

Happy Holidays!