The nights are drawing in, and it is nearly time for the clocks to go back, and before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. And as you begin to carve your pumpkins and get your tricks and treats ready, put Netflix on TV, you may be contemplating which type of game to play for this Halloween season. It doesn’t matter your age; there is a plethora of spooky fun to be had, which will thrill, delight and possibly scare you on these nights, a time of year I love.

What is your favourite horror game to play? There are so many games on the market that have horror influences; the choices are endless. Even going way back to the early consoles such as the PlayStation and PlayStation2 or the original Xbox, horror influenced games have always been so popular. Plus, the variety within horror is enormous; whether you like shocks or subtle spooky puzzles, there is something to delight for everyone. One of my favourites is the Silent Hill games. These juicy games tick all the boxes for me and what a good horror game should be.

Do you feel anything is missing in the horror genre of games? If you could make a game within the horror genre, what type would it be, and what would it include? What would your lead character be, good or bad? How would you provide the scare element to the game?

There is consensus amongst studies that some horror games are too scary, a bad influence, and too much for today’s audience. But it can be argued that no more than any other game. While endless hours in front of a screen is damaging, playing occasionally, having regular breaks and engaging with them for reasonable amounts of time is beneficial to the people who play them. This argument is more about games in general than the genres involved within gaming.

Whatever you decide to play this Halloween, make sure you have a cushion to hide behind, in case it gets all too much!